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  • Account closed due to Fraudulent am innocents of

    General Discussion Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • GA
    Gafar A S
    Help me re-open my merchant account, Am innocent to the said offence.
    My story as a Konga seller and about the said ofence goes as thus
    Mid December  2015: ( can’t remember actual date): my account was created successfully, I uploaded some items with only payment option as Pay on delivery and shipping as self-delivery (these 2 settings were so because I didn’t know how to set other settings as I was still a novice)
    17/12/15: I got 2 orders (F044008971001 and F186687951001) from cocacola office, Abeokuta, both orders  were paid for through credit cards. I call konga customer to confirm and I was instructed to supply. Items were supplied on 18/12/15
    18/12/15: I got 12 orders from the same place (F290346396001, F229210789001, F855675293001, F401167280001, F203311662001, F977034893001, F184285262001, F569107274001, F114712274001, F325605510001, F955103292001, F566462365001), I didn’t supplied them until 21/12/2015 because I noticed that each of the invoice carry bill #1000 less than amount it supposed to be. I called konga customer Care agents severally between 19/12/2015 and 21/12/2015, where I was directed to deliver all goods. Customer care personnel explained to me that buyers used Coupon to buy each goods, that is why each were #1000 lesser than the supposed amount. I supplied all on 21/12/15 (3 days after they were ordered), because of delay in getting permission from customer care as novice. Money written on order invoices were collected (after coupon deduction)
    19/12/15 – 26/01/16: lots of settings, such as return address, payment method and delivery methods and rate were adjusted.  More items were uploaded and Lots of orders were received and attended to as necessary. All Konga Charges were deducted
    3-4 days ago: I got notification of #22,000 invoices yet to pay. I contacted customer care and mail Mall@konga.com. 
    25/01/2016: i got call from konga mall, where it was explained to me that invoice sent to me,was because some people bought goods from me with fraudulent coupon.i explained that I called customer care before supply that they are the one that gave me order to supply the aforementioned order.  i was told  that they will resolve it with said customers, since they are the one that accepted payment. 
    26/01/15: i entered my shq merchant and discovered that it has been suspended.
    27/01/15: I called customer care, where I was told that it has been closed; I was informed to send explanation to ordercontinuity@konga.com.
    Please help me to re-open my account as I have lots of items to sell, infact I need to print 2 invoice for latest order with order number F543261039001 and F639032203002, so that both can be ship by K-express before they reach their shipping due time. 
    The said payment errors were between Konga and the customers. i Just supplied all as instructed by KOnga. I can help with if you need their contacts ad address supplied to
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  • GA
    Gafar A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    From my own latest findings, i noticed that some of the order were from few fraudulent people using multiple konga account. For example, 3 of those account uses 07036770784 with different name.
  • GA
    Gafar A S
    Posted 3 years ago
    @Akorede, d order were puchased by different account
    I even asked 1 of them, and he said something like glokonga coupon supplied by their company
    I was still novice,  not like now. Perhaps, coupon issue forced me to wait for konga confirmation
    Am just unfortunate with the whole thing,  despite my long time wait, I still get shock announcement from konga
    @Oluwole, exactly my thought. I cant verify coupon from my end here, its only Konga that can do that. Am just sad and unhappy.
    Thanks guys
  • AO
    Akorede O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    By look of this scenario,
    Are the orders ,purchased by a single person or different orders from different customers in same office?
    If different orders,why is everyone in that office using voucher,definitely, something is fishing in that office.
    When you have good 3days to wait before you called Konga for approval,I guess a mail would have help you best to proved the authorisation,as mail is even replied in less than 24hrs now,as call is no prove because it can be denied as it is not recorded.
    I think konga should verify the customers accounts,are they existing customers or a first time order ?
    You really need to exercise patients here ,though I understand how you feel.
    More reasons,why I hardly self fulfil vouchers order unless a partial Konga payment which I know the customer has only stipend remaining to pay at the point of delivery.
    I trust Konga team,this issue will investigated appropriately.
    Just pray you win the case bro!
  • OF
    Oluwole F B
    Posted 3 years ago
    If what you related is the case, I think Konga should have exercised restrained in suspending your account. Konga should have deactivated the functionality that allows the use of coupon in your store and not to outrightly suspend your store without any notice or reason. My 2 pence.

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