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  • 7 days invoice policy

    General Discussion Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • Uche E Uche E B
    Good day Konga, do you guys, actually take opinion from your merchants before formulating a new policy? Do you think that it is all self-fulfilled orders that were handed over to the customer and money collected instantly? That an order is self fulfilled in most cases, means the seller used another courier company to fulfil the order, since you have refused to open KOS centres in places like Port Harcourt. When this order is self-fulfilled as you call it, these external courier partners, for some of them, it takes like 3 weeks they have not even remitted money to the seller, some of these monies i paid to guys for Feb 2017 invoice, i have not received from the courier company, But i have to pay you. Now you want to make the seller pay you every week? Do you guys care for the seller at all? Dont just think of policies that will benefit you, consider the sellers too, we are human beings like you and are running businesses like you. Please revert to month end of the invoice please.
    Thank you.

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