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  • 2017 Yakata Listing Page Is Still Live!

    General Discussion Created 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago
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    Omolara O Konga Moderator
    Dear Partner,
    As you have been selected to participate in 2017 Yakata sale, note that full ​participation is​ still​ dependent on the % discount you ​intend to ​offer for the sale. This means that merchants who do not offer attractive discounts ​may not be allowed to participate.
    The Yakata listing page is still live. The deadline for listing all products for the sale is Monday, 30th October 2016. Products not listed before this period will not be available for sale.​ Please visit your SHQ dashboard and start listing now. See steps on how to list for the sale below
    Here’s How To Upload Your Items
    Step 1: Login to your shq account
    Step 2: Click “ Yakata 2017” 
    Step 3: Click “Hint” to read a quick guideline 
    Step 4:  Click “ Download all products “ to download csv of all you products
    Step 5: Input the discount price and quantity for all your products which you will be selling during Yakata. The Special Price column is the discounted price you will be offering your customers, and the Quantity column should contain a number of units you have available to sell. Ensure that all the sizes of each product have the same Special Price. Also, note that you can not add any new products using this sheet. Remember, you will not be able to make any changes to these products once Yakata begins, so make sure this information is EXACTLY what you have available.
    Step 6: Once you are done with editing the information, save the document using CSV format.
    Step 7:  Click “Upload Yakata 2017 sale Products” to upload your new file
    Step 8:  Go to downloads where you saved the file, click on the filename and click Open.
    Step 9: You see the total number of products you are about to list then click “upload edited list”
    Step 10: You may choose to download uploaded Yakata products, click “ Download  Yakata Products”.
    Kind Regards,
    Konga Seller Service Team.

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