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  • Wouldn't it be Nice for Konga to Postpone Launch of The Big Mobile Shopping App Sale ?

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • IO
    Ikenna O S
    Dear Konga, 
    'The Big Mobile Shopping App Sale' in few days is set for launch. I know a lot of efforts and arrangements has been put into the entire event. However, there is an existing reality in Nigeria.; the fuel and petroleum products shortage of supplies. The effect of this on business and people happiness is real. For example, my store has been without any sale in the past few days. Something very unusual! 
    Companies, corporations are announcing half day and shutting down. The implication is just so real
    I believe people feel happy to shop online when they have electricity (minimally) or are able to stress-freely buy fuel for their generator to power their mobile phones, tablets etc. None of these is happening currently in Nigeria. So i would be tempted to infer that people's mood has been affected. Maybe i am right or wrong but as a business person, i try always to evaluate implications of event and importance they could bring within a given current reality. In this case, the reality isn't looking up so well.  
    That said, i feel strongly that Konga should consider possibility with postponement of 'The Big Mobile Shopping App Sale' 
    Just my sincere opinion anyways. 


  • OO
    Opeyemi O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Ikenna,
    You have made salient points about the economic situation of Nigeria.
    But, to be very frank with you, I believe the event holds online and people would or could be looking out to take their grief away from the situation of the country. Hence, the event may likely not be postponed. There is a statistics of a country where people actually shop more when they are not so happy (apparently looking for something to make them happy).
    So while we look forward to a new government in the next couple of days to thrash out the economic issues relating to our common good, it means no harm having some fun to remind us of the good side of life.
    The key is that we should all stay positive.
    Cheers to everyone's success.

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