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  • Unable to reach customer though phone

    Shipping and Delivery Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
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    a customer for an item.... and i started calling his number that very moment but i was unable to reach him.. his was switch off for 3days and i was given 7hrs to ship that particular item....if i cancel the item i will be suspend if the item auto-cancel itself i will still be suspended... the question is if am unable to reach the customer through phone how how will KOS reach him to deliver the item ?....the item later become DELIVERY FAIL(REJECTED BY CUSTOMER) with some unreasonable reason on it.... as for me i spent more than #200 calling a customer just to confirm the customer is serious one, confirm the items and act like they are serious about it  some ... before i ship the items yet my RETURNS are uncountable for NO REASONS.... yet very policies i see in my mail always against the SELLERS that not cool..... 


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    Posted 2 years ago
    am here to do business not to just play by some unserious folks yet still get all the blames....i dont even know am how much am charge for commissions(over charge no complains) i pay monthly subscription before due sometimes upfront.... yet i still get all blames for all the unserious customers ??  

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