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  • The Power of Free Shipping in Nigeria

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • Ebere O Ebere O B
    Free shipping has evolved to the point that it has become an expectation from buyers all around the world. It is now viewed as a necessity for any store that has hopes of remaining competitive in today’s marketplace. Research has shown that free shipping is a useful tool for promoting a site, improving customer service and encouraging consumers to spend more.
    Buyers not only expect it, but they actively seek free shipping when they search for sites to shop from. According to recent data from Accent, 88 % of consumers would be more likely to shop from a store online if they were promised free shipping. The appeal of free shipping is easy to see. In many cases, shipping costs can greatly increase the final price for an item. If an item costs N2500 and the shipping cost is N500, the cost of shipping that item has been raised by 25%. 
    This is a major reason most shopping carts get abandoned. Price savvy customers are always searching for ways to save money. For example, why pay N500 to ship an item when they could spend N500 to buy another item they want and get both shipped for free.
    Some of the many benefits that come with free shipping include:
    a) Buyers use free shipping as a criteria for shopping online as they will not want to lose the free shipping opportunity.
    ​b) ​It results in less shopping carts being abandoned.
    ​c)  ​It Increase sales up to​ ​300%
    ​d) ​It drives​ ​more traffic to your store.

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