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  • Subscription Fee/Product offline

    Selling on Konga Created 11 months ago | Updated 10 months ago
  • DA
    Dorcas A B
    I sincerely don't know what is happening with Konga.
    I paid for Subscription since Thursday and this will make it forth messages I will be sending to konga, none 
    of my item are online.
    If you want sellers to pay for subscription, don't you think you should have some commitment making sure that there is sales on our store?
    I stopped paying for subscription because there was no reasonable sales on my store and now after paying, I have to be sending emails to put my store live.
    Someone should please look into this cos I am tired of selling emails.


  • MA
    Mayowa A S
    Posted 10 months ago
    Same thing happened to me before i discovered that you need to enable the products. They've all been put under pause. so you need to click on the enable button to enable each of the products. Hope this clarifies.
  • Jm
    Jessica m S
    Posted 10 months ago
    Moderator no longer comment... Less staff less productive results
  • Jm
    Jessica m S
    Posted 10 months ago
    I am having same issues.... Since I paid for subscription out of 184 product 5 is showing.  I'm trying not to give up on Konga and face other seller portal
  • DA
    Dorcas A B
    Posted 10 months ago
    @ Jennifer,Thank you so much. I Have Clicked on that before coming here and it is still not showing live but it showing that it is live on SHQ.
    It is almost a week now, I have over a 100 item but Just 11 is showing.
    I am tired of Going back and forth with Konga.
    This is one of the reason I stopped paying subscription cos it is like you are just giving away your money and now Konga has made it mandatory for every one to pay
    You have to beg Konga again to put your item up after paying for subscription.
  • jp
    jennifer p B
    Posted 10 months ago
    Hi Dorcas,
    I had this same issues earlier, but i had to enable my products after paying for my subscription. You might want to try this.
    Please share your store name here.
  • AB
    Asaolu B B
    Posted 11 months ago
    It's been three days my product were approved or enabled  and they are not still showing live in site. Even after been on review for over a week.
    I don't honestly understand, what's the point subscribing when sales are not forthcoming. 

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