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  • Rate of Returns

    Shipping and Delivery Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • CJ
    Chidozie J S
    Hello konga
    Please I want a ask a question does the rate of returns sincerely give Konga any form of concerns?  
    It's alarming these days 
    Having said that the weekly email showing how my store performed I want to ask how those data come about because I've carefully ensured I cancelled no order in the past 4-6weeks yet you keep telling me I cancelled 10-20%
    In calculating the delivery rate does returns come Into consideration?  Looking at the fact that most returns are largely either due to kexpress delay or impatience on the side of the delivery men or some buyers who genuinely have no intention of buying just playing with their internet enabled devices. 
    I'd like to know how Konga comes about these figures and data of delivery rate and cancelled orders because personally I've been particularly careful about it 
    Again I've had returned items damaged in transit two especially got me really concerned and Konga needs to address it no item goes through the circle or shipping and returning the same, it must be dented no matter how you pack it.  The two specifically that got me concerned were packed in metal boxes yet got damaged 
    Also I have some items in arbitration as a result of kexpress carelessness (sorry couldn't find a more polite word)  one was shipped to the wrong locations another hasn't left the kexpress drop off center it was dropped for 2-3months I've done several mails to mall@konga there seems to be no solution coming 
    Please I bought those items with money 
    If they can't be resolved I should be paid the amount on the order I believe what I'm asking for is not out of order 
    I expect some moderator to address my complaints as I don't find mall@konga an effective way of stating my complains due to its non responsive approach 
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Chidozie,
     We understand your concerns as a seller, as communicated earlier, we have rolled out several programmes that will reduce less transactions on the Konga platform.
    We are aware this may take time to make much impact and we implore that you bear with us as we do so.
    Claims will be filled on your behalf for all items damaged in transit.
    Also, we will request that all suggestions remain constructive and as our merchants. Complaint/dispute resolution is not allowed on the forum. Please note, repeated violation of the forum code of conduct will lead to a user access ban from the forum. see more below
    All queries are to be forwarded to the appropriate channels - mall@konga.com for proper documentation and also ensure a timely resolution. 
    For enquiries on your store performance, Kindly send an email ordercontinuity@konga.com 
    For suggestions on our existing services, you may send an email to suggestions@konga.com
    Thank you.

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