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  • Konga slow delivery system is killing business

    Shipping and Delivery Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
  • MN
    Maxwell N S
    I'm a merchant with Konga and I must commend Konga for this platform
    However, This whole platform will be worthless if deliveries are not made on time! 
    I reside in Abuja and usually ship with the Garki drop off centre and I must say from my observations that KOS logistics is quite poor.
    I'm not even basing this on shipments I have made with KOS to other locations that i have had to beg customers to still hold on after delivery interval given to Konga had elapsed outside Abuja, I'm basing it on local orders that I have gotten within Abuja that usually takes within 3-4 working days for delivery after drop off...
    As I'm writing, I have an order that I sent to Konga on 17th of this month to deliver to PH, and is still "on transit" at this time. 
    Funny enough I source most things I sell on Konga Abroad and I  get them within 6-7 working days!
    Konga has Pay on delivery option which a lot buyers choose. The danger with snail delivery is that buyers tend to wait and wait and sometimes make alternative arrangement or even cancel the order and that has happened to me too..
    I still don't see any reason why KOS can't deliver across the country within 3-4 working days!
    It's about getting people who know how to do it to do the Job.


  • MN
    Maxwell N S
    Posted 2 years ago
    The Order I complained about that was shipped since 17th of may was rejected by the customer after he had called me severally to ask why the delay...
    I have another order going the same location and the buyer even wanted to cancel so that I can send it via ABC transport company for him but I told him to still hold that cancelling will affect my store...
    Thank you Konga for all these. The annoying aspect us that by next month, Konga will start bugging me with emails to renew my subscription... Do they at least care about how merchants make money to pay them?
  • IO
    Ifeoma O S
    Posted 2 years ago
    I do notice these high and low performances from KOS every now and then. I think there is poor communication of issues on the side of Konga. If merchants are made aware of ongoing challenges, there would less apprehension and pressure on Konga and perhaps merchants can even devise strategies of managing their customers in such instances. If a hundred merchants are calling you for the same issue within a month, then you are inefficient! You should have a problem management process in place.

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