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  • How Did Konga Arrive at Seller Delivery Rate?

    Selling on Konga Created 3 years ago | Updated 3 years ago
  • IO
    Ikenna O S
    I am interested to find out how Konga arrived at delivery rate assigned to merchant. I think its important to explain what are the fundamentals taken into consideration, if i am to make a face guess it would be number of delivered items less cancelled orders related to returned, new and shipped orders. Just my guess!
    Anyways, if cancelled and returned orders is taken into consideration in arriving at the delivery rate, i would be interested to know how cancelled orders based on customer errors or change of mind form in the figure. Ok, i sell tools and machineries mostly, these are high cost items which means for any single order i need to make sure customers understand what they ordered. Some customers actually do not take time to read products descriptions, we have had cases of upgrading customers to a more suited products in our store. That means the old order will be cancelled. 
    There were cases when we contacted customers, they said it was a mistake as they only wanted to place the order on wishlist. So mistakenly they placed buy now, in this case as well order will be cancelled at the expiration time. 
    The overall of customers errors explained above result to cumulative number of cancelled orders on seller store. Basically
    I think its important for Konga to find a way to distinguished cancelled orders based on customers errors, returned orders based on customers no show for pick up or change of mind if these fundamentals are taken into consideration in arriving at seller delivery rate, otherwise a simple explanation will just be fine. 
    Look forward to more insight. 
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  • Ebere O B
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hello Ikenna/ Jumoke
    Thanks for your feedback. Trust, Transparency and security are the fundamentals of online shopping and these can be improved by giving buyers as much information as possible. 
    Serious buyers need to know their orde​rs will be delivered as promised, and delivery ratings ensure this.
    Delivery Rate is measured by the total number of delivered orders and returned orders divided by the total orders received.
    (Delivery orders + Rejected Orders)/(Total orders Received)
    If the customer changes​ their​ mind and the order is returned on delivery - We will not count this negatively against your delivery rate, as this order was still delivered. 
    You raised a good point on the cancelled orders from customers that changed their mind before order was shipped, we are currently looking into how to factor that into the calculation. 
  • IO
    Ikenna O S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Jumoke, 
    Good to read your comment and yes it looks like we both have an understanding that cancelled orders could form part in a seller delivery rate. 
    Well, the more fundamental thing is to ask why Konga need to include and make visible delivery rate of sellers to the public when there are potentials for loopholes? What in my opinion at this stage for Konga is to focus on promoting known and tested fundamentals - including number of items sold is cool, same also with product quality and communication. The aspect of delivery rate for sellers at this stage without finding a way to vet customers errors is unfair to sellers of some categories of goods. As in, how do i supply a machine worth over 100k without confirmation from customer first and what happens at the point of confirmation customers decides to buy machine worth 300k, thereby leaving the old order to be cancelled? These are open questions, begging for Konga to find a better way. 
    I do hope someone would listen, and i believe Konga finds a way of pre-informing sellers what they plan to introduce so we can all contribute. 
  • JJ
    Jumoke J S
    Posted 3 years ago
    Hi Ikenna,
    I may not have the exact answer you want but i believe that a seller delivery rate is based on the total orders marked as delivered, on whether a customer changed his or her mind or ordered a wrong item is the customer's fault but i am sorry it is something that will still affect your store. But delivery is rated on concluded transactions only! As for the customers and konga's settings towards this, i believe that only time can help make things better.

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