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  • DISPUTE ISSUES.....urgent response

    Support Created 2 years ago | Updated 2 years ago
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    i sell Shirts this platform and  have been having issues of DISPUTE with some customers and when i  contact the customer  to find out what really happen to the items ordered for .... all I hear is that I choose L(LARGE) instead of XL(EXTRA LARGE) thinking it will fit me....  the issue here is that i only add M(medium) and L(Large)... i don’t add EXTRA LARGE on the platform bcos i don’t sell extra large... I don’t why a customer will not be sure of his or her size and confirm it before placing order an Items…. Then tell me to exchange with size I don’t sell where am I suppose to looking size I don’t sell???... I don’t want to look like a bad seller on this platform if I don’t accept to exchange or refund cos it not my fault that the customer his looking for size I don’t include on the website… I don’t know wat Konga is doing about issues like this or maybe am the only one having this issue??.

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